Our Story

We are passionate about both Yoga and Art and saw an opportunity for the two worlds to combine. We make limited-edition yoga mats featuring stunning artworks, allowing you to bring some style into your everyday physical activities. All the artwork featured on the mats is hand-painted by us here in Melbourne. We primarily use acrylic-pouring techniques to create our gorgeous works.



We are committed to create the most eco-friendly products possible. Our mats feature a 100% natural rubber and use water-based ink. No toxic materials are used at all.


High-Performance Grip

We pride ourself on our grip! Our mats are anti-slip meaning your grip stays put whether your hands are dry or drenched with sweat


Gentle on your skin and your joints

Our high-density rubber cushion offers joint protection and unmatched support.



We designed our mats using only high-quality materials that ensure many years of joyful practice!


Limited edition

Similar to prints of fine artworks our Yoga Mats are super limited edition. Between only 3 and 10 prints are made of each design making the mats unique collector items.